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Monday, August 6, 2012

Strange Brew

#327: Strange Brew (1983).  A couple of days ago, I went out for a drive and randomly wound up in Canada.  You can read about it here.  Anyhoo, after enjoying some coffee and a donut at Tim Horton’s (but sadly, no beer while I was up there – it was late and I had a long drive), I felt the urge to watch this little classic starring my boyfriend actor/comedian Rick Moranis and fellow Canadian SCTV comedian Dave Thomas.  Now, I was totally in the wrong region of Canada, but whatever. 

The Players:

Doug Mackenzie: Played by Dave Thomas.  He likes beer, hockey, donuts and back bacon.  Not too bright.

Bob Mackenzie: Played by Rick Moranis.  He likes beer, hockey, donuts, and back bacon.  Not too bright.

Bewmaster Smith: Played by Max von Sydow.  He owns/runs the local brewery.  Also?  Evil.

Claude Elsinore: Played by Paul Dooley.  He has something to do with the brewery.

Pam Elsinore: Played by Lynne Griffin.  She is the heir to the brewery, our “damsel in distress”. 

The Rundown:

OK, y’all, really?  This is such a bizarre little movie.  It’s pretty much an extended SCTV Mackenzie Brothers skit, with some fantasy thrown in.  Some consider it to be the prelude to Wayne’s World, which I totally see.  Instead of “Party on!”  it’s “Good Day, eh!” 

OK, the story is basically that Bob and Doug drink/break the last of their dad’s beer bottles, and have to figure out how to get more without any money.  So, they attempt this:

and fail.  They’re told to go to the brewery.  So, they go, wind up getting jobs there, and discover that something’s not quite right.  The brewery is haunted, there’s a random hockey team dressed like storm troopers, and the beer has some sort of mind control substance in it.  So, the Mackenzie Brothers have to save the day!  Which they do. 

The end.  Really.  There’s a lot of random shit in this movie, but it’s also slightly intelligent, in that it borrows from Hamlet in various ways.  But mostly, it’s just Bob and Doug being… Bob and Doug.  I recommend you check out some of the videos from the SCTV skits, they are a hoot!  You should also check out this movie if you like movies like Wayne’s World or Super Troopers.  This is the Grandaddy of them all, and actually a fun little bit of nonsense. 

That’s a Wrap!  Up next: Some more baseball!

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